By Elizabeth Dearl
Avid Press – April 2000
ISBN: 1929613334 - Paperback

Mystery / Amateur Sleuth


Reviewed by: Jo Rogers, MyShelf.Com
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Elizabeth Dearl, whose mysteries also appear on the Internet site, The Case.com, gives us a printed mystery featuring the endearing, not-so-dumb blonde, Taylor Madison, a writer of mysteries.  In this book, she finds herself broke and having wrecked her car just outside of Perdue, Texas, a town near the city of Lubbock.  What brought her to Lubbock is a search for her aunt, Tessa Potter, her departed mother's sister and only living relative.


What she finds is a door slammed in her face.  But the sheriff of Derrick County, Miles Crawford, takes her under his wing, even giving her the job of deputy during Perdue's Rattlesnake Festival.  The only problem is Taylor hates snakes.  But all goes well until Crawford dies of snakebite, and Taylor suspects foul play.  From there, her life becomes far more interesting than she likes, especially when an attempt is made to kill her.


What follows is a lesson in snakes, and in human behavior that Taylor Maddison will never forget.  It's an enjoyable mystery that, in my opinion, will be a fun read for anyone who loves mysteries.

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