By P. F.  Chisholm ( Aka Patricia Finney)
Poisoned Pen Press  - April 2000
ISBN: 1890208272 – Trade paperback
Mystery / Historical / British

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com

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“Famine of Horses” is the first title in the Sir Robert Carey Mystery series, and what a promising series it is! I was pleased to hear Poisoned Pen Press will be reprinting the other three titles in the series. 

The year is 1592, the Elizabethan period. Sir Robert Carey, a courtier, along with his servant, Barnabus Cooke has left the Queens court. Sir Robert is now the Deputy Warden of an English Garrison run by his brother-in-law, Warden Lord Scrope. As the new Deputy Warden, Robert has his hands full trying to clean up a dishonest league of men, getting the garrison in order, solving the murder a young lad, putting together his brother-in-law’s father’s funeral, and finding out why there is such a shortage of horses – hence the title Famine of Horses. 

Our hero is a strong honest man; it was hard watching him take such a beating both physically from others and emotionally from the woman he loves. I found his servant to be funny, although a little uppity. Philly is a typical sister and I admire Robert for his loyalty to her. I’m still out on Philly’s husband. The story lines pulled together quite well. I found the historical aspects of the mystery to be factual and fascinating. The speech and atmosphere seemed so clear; I could easily visualize the surroundings and the characters. It’s a wonderful historical mystery.

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