By Kit Sloane 
Deadly Alibi Press LTD - 2000 
ISBN: 1866199108 – Trade Paperback

Mystery / Amateur Sleuth


Reviewed by: Robyn Glazer, MyShelf.Com
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Margot O'Banion and Max Skull may be lovers but they are not what one would call similar. Max is outgoing and has an ego fitting with his director status. Margot is a shy homebody who would rather stay in the background to edit the films o f her choice. 


Unfortunately for her, this is not what is in the cards for her next week. Although Max's movie is already late and the backers are getting nervous, Max insists on shooting the final scenes in a remote valley of Northern California. Instead of staying in a trailer at the site, Margot and Max will be able to live in style at a famous editor's house. Amory Evan's widow, Letitta, and her twin sister Bernice are happy to have someone else putting Amory's workroom to use once again.  No thing is going right on the set and soon a dire accident has taken place. Is this movie cursed with bad luck or a ghost? 


It is almost impossible to tell that this is Kit Sloane's first novel.  She has great rhythm and the writing is so smooth and interesting. I enjoyed the way Sloane was able to string the tension along until just the right moment. Margot and Max have flaws along with their redeeming qualities, which makes them seem real. I really enjoyed seeing an insider's view of a movie production. The experience that Sloane obviously has with the movie industry added a nice flavor to the book. This is a wonderful book, and hopefully the beginning of a long series.

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