By Lauren Henderson
Crown Pub  - February 2000
ISBN: 060980684X  - Paperback

Mystery / Amateur Sleuth

Mature Theme


Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Lauren Henderson is back with another Sam Jones Mystery.


Sam has a couple of interesting jobs in life. She is a dominatrix and a sculptor. Her pride and joy is her sculptors. This is what leads her into her next mystery. She meets an old friend at a fetish club. Over a blue margarita he tells her about a job. Once she has the job of building mobiles for a play, Sam finds herself in the middle of a group of actors, one of whom takes her by surprise. Also, Detective Hawkins, Sam's on again-off again interest shows up and finds her in the middle of another murder.


With all the hype about Sam's past time (a dominatrix) and the author's last book, "Black Rubber Dress," I picked up this book with my eyes half shut. I expected a risqué story line with a character that overwhelms the mystery - not at all. Although Sam dresses and talks the part, the story line itself was not at all risqué or tacky. I will be honest and say I wish there had been more focus on the mystery, and sometimes the conversations seemed to go on and on. Like I said, Sam is an interesting character with a wild side, and the secondary characters are just as attention grabbing. It's an interesting, out of the ordinary, mystery series everyone should give a try. I think you will be surprised too. 

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