By T. Davis Bunn

DoubleDay  - June 2000
ISBN:  038549615X  - Hardcover
Political Thriller
Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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 Marcus Glenwood was a partner in a very prestigious corporate law firm until he was involved in a car accident that killed his children and almost killed his wife, who blames him and is divorcing him. Worst of all he blames himself and is living in his own private hell.  Marcus decides to move back to his hometown of Rocky Mount, North Carolina, into the old Victorian manor that was his grandparents. Little did Marcus know that when he moved back to Rocky Mount, that the biggest and most difficult case of his lifetime would fall into his lap. The church of New Zion is that client. The church was founded with the first earnings of freed slaves, and Marcus successfully stops a court action made by a company that wants the churches historic cemetery relocated so they can build a factory in it’s place.  Marcus has won a battle against New Horizons Co., but the war is raging and it will not be so easy this time with the dirty tactics that New Horizons uses.

This book is very well written with lots of lovely, caring characters.  Dee Gautam, who works with Marcus, is a very enigmatic lady who provides Marcus with some very important info. Kristen is a young woman who has suffered her own family tragedy and whom Marcus finds himself drawn to. Charlie Hayes a retired judge and a supportive mentor who will serve as co-counsel.

T. Davis Bunn has a talent for creating a wide range of characters whose humanity and concern for each other is tremendously moving. Thought that the most compelling character of all was Marcus. While writing a thrilling trial filled with surprising twists and shocking revelations, T. Davis Bunn also pens an inspirational work about Marcus’s Path to self-forgiveness.  In the church of New Zion, Marcus finds a surrogate family who welcomes him with open arms, helps him go on with his life, and learn to love himself again.

Reading The Great Divide was like reading several stories that came together collectedly into a nice tight package. An immense read.  5 stars for sure.

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