By M.R. Sellars 
WillowTree Press  - June 2000
ISBN 0967822106 - Paperback
Suspense / Thriller

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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This is the debut of M.R. Sellars Rowan Gant Investigations series. 

Rowan Gant is contacted by a good friend Detective Ben Storm to answer questions about his religion, which is Wicca, and to give his alibi for the time of the murder. Rowan explains to his friend that even though he is a witch in "The Craft" their code is harm none, and they do not sacrifice animals or people. When Ben shows Rowan pictures of the crime scene, Rowan realizes he knows the victim. The victim, Ariel, was a student in the craft. Rowan and Ben set out to solve the murder. While they are working the case, other murders happen and they are even worse than the first. 

This book kept me in suspense to the very end, the author's description of the murders was so real I thought that I might be sick, and I loved it. That's what I look for in a good thriller. Harm None was so good I can't wait for his next book "Never Burn A Witch";  I hope the author will allow me to review it  also.

M.R. Sellars is the recipient of the "Linda White Literary Excellence" and the"Silver Quill Awards" for the short stories upon which the "Rowan Gant Investigations" are based on. 

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