By Nelson Demille
Time Warner - January 2000
ISBN: 1570426619 -  Audio Books
Read by: Scott Brick


Reviewed by: George Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Flight 175 has a special passenger on board who is being escorted by federal agents. Asad Calied was a terrorist who had turned himself over to agents in Paris. As the plane made it’s final approach and landed, no one in the tower ever suspected the events that were taking place before him or her. 300 lives being taken was just the beginning of a long chain of events because Asad Calied was a Libyan terrorist bent on revenge.

I really enjoy a cloak-and-dagger, espionage type of mystery. I liked listening to this book. The listening was a little slow at first, but it got up to cruising altitude about half way through. Situations and words became colorful a few times, but didn’t detour me as I became involved with the story. 

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