By J.M. Hayes
Poisoned Pen Press - November 2000
ISBN: 1-890208-49-3 - Hardcover

Mystery / Police Procedural

Reviewed by Steve Ciccarelli, MyShelf.Com

To all outward appearances, Benteen County, Kansas is a flat, monodimensional place.  However, writer J.M.Hayes brings this fictional county to life with a gripping murder mystery showcasing the author's ability to weave an intricate tale of vibrant characters and exceptional descriptions. 

When the Reverend Peter Simms is brutally murdered and disfigured by an unknown assailant in the wee hours of a sweltering summer morning, the whole town of Buffalo Springs is brought into the story as the Sheriff, Englishman, and Deputy Wynn evaluate and discard suspects, including the local derelict, a quarter-blood Cheyenne Indian called Mad Dog.  Intertwining western and Cheyenne culture, the two manage to compliment each others' detective styles
and let justice prevail. 

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