By Lisa Scottoline
Harper  -  2000
ISBN: 0694523100 - 3 Cassettes - Abridged Audio
Read by Kate Burton
Suspense / Thriller

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com

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The scene opens with a lawyer trying to frame himself for murder. Just like the cops in the story who are dying to hang a lawyer, I was pulled in to the story line immediately.  As a reader, right away questions popped into my mind like, what is he up to? Who is he protecting? Why is he willing to sacrifice himself? Or did he really do it? The detectives are just as curious; one feels it’s a “duck” (easy case), and that the lawyer “loves himself” (is guilty), while the other “doesn’t like him” (thinks their being played). Also on the case is a DA who lives for courtroom drama and loves putting people away, and the defendant’s inexperience lawyer, who everyone underestimates, including herself. 

With so many suspense / thrillers being written, it really tests an author’s talent to produce a genuine edge gripping, page-turning story line again and again. Ms. Scottoline seems to have that talent. Although the plot was a bit simple for me to solve, the path to getting there was entertaining. In listening to the audiotape, my daughter and I would became so involved to the point we had to either rewind it or turn it off and discuss it. There are scenes and remarks that made us cringe… like the autopsy; but for the most part the twist and turns had us holding our breath is suspense. 

As to the audio listening itself, I think a male voice would have been better. Expect a strong storyline with and intense theme and language -- after all it is a Lisa Scottoline thriller! 


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