By Edie Claire
Signet – 2000
ISBN: 0451201442 – PB

Mystery / Amateur Sleuth


Reviewed by: Carisa Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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This is the third Leigh Koslow mystery. The other two are Never Buried and Never Sorry.


After the incident at her cousin Cora’s house where she found a corpse of a dead neighbor in their swinging cot (in Never Buried) and being suspected of murder when she worked at the zoo and discovered a gruesome murder (in Never Sorry), Leigh’s “luck” with finding things – or bodies – that she doesn’t want to find starts to become a very open theory. When she goes to help her Aunt Bess deal with a mysterious injury caused by a “heroic” act, she ends up helping her with more than just going up the stairs and her theory about unwelcome discoveries is proven true.  Now She has to deal with her Nosy Aunt Bess, a suspicious preacher, her over-reactive mom, and her surfacing feelings for her politician friend, Warren, who is, unfortunately, dating Leigh’s former lawyer, Katharine Bower. Will Leigh figure out what’s happening at her Aunt’s Church and finally tell Warren how she feels?


Never Preach Past Noon is an explosively awe-striking book! There are no words to describe the amazing writing of that Ms. Claire has given us. The characters are wonderfully created and bring the plot to an even more realistic place. It’s a witty, clever cozy that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat and without any gruesome crime scenes or unnecessary sex scenes. I seriously suggest reading this book as well as Ms. Claire’s other Leigh mysteries.

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