By S. D. Tooley (Aka Lee Driver)
Full Moon Publishing - April  2000
ISBN: 0966602129 - Hardcover

Mystery / Police Procedural / Paranormal

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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S. D. Tooley gives her readers the second installment of The Sam Casey Mysteries and what an installment it is. Having never read a Sam Casey Mystery, I expected the typical police procedural; murders occur, police work it out. Not!  Ms. Tooley adds an extra touch of paranormal to this police procedural. The story picks up from the first Sam Casey Mystery, When The Dead Speak, which I recommend you read first, because both books are worthy of attention, and it will explain a lot of what’s going on in Sam’s life. 

Detective Sergeant Sam (Samantha) is back. A lot happened to her in the first mystery, and as Sam comes home to get her bearings and face the department, she finds her mom, a Sioux medicine woman, heading home to help her people. (Reader’s are updated on Sam’s mother and stepfather throughout the story). Before mom heads home, she takes it upon herself to move Sam in the master bedroom and includes some of Jake Mitchell’s things as well. Sam isn’t so sure about Jake just yet, especially since his promotion by the untrustworthy, new police chief who doesn’t like her, but her mom feels he is the one and plans to help it along. After a dinner, Sam goes with another detective to a crime scene on a floating casino. First she finds her self excluded from the information and case as detective, only to find her self dropped into the middle of it in another way. Her gift gives her the ability to see what is happening in the case without the police information about the violent killer. Sam doesn’t just see the ending result of the murders, she sees how it is done and feels the suffering of the victim. It’s intense, it’s traumatic, and not for the faint of heart.  The ending will blow you away! 

Ms. Tooley has a superlative, supernatural mystery full of intense, persuasive characters in a grizzly, matchless story line. A promising series to get started on before you are left behind

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