By Stacey Sauter
Signet Books  - July 2000
ISBN: 0451191366  - Paperback

Mystery / Police Procedural

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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ONE FALSE MOVE starts off with a bang!  Wow, I was hooked from the start.

Malcolm Rutland III has just married 26-year-old Candace.  The reception was being held at the Waldorf Astoria, and the bride and groom had the Presidential Suite for the night. The couple had decided to go up to their suite to change into something comfortable for the reception.  When they got to the room, Malcolm decided to take a shower.  While her bridegroom is showering, Candace hears a noise.  When she turns around, she sees a man, but it is to late for her to scream.  The knife comes down across her throat deeply, severing her vocal cords, and her perfect day comes to a lethal end.  A day later Mitchell and Sydney Cunningham, who had attended the wedding and reception of Malcolm and Candace, were the next victims.  Sydney was the first to be killed in their Park Ave. apartment, as she was about to leave for a tennis game.  Her neck was cut clear to the spine.  She was found by her husband, who knows what the murders are all about.  He tries to run, but before he can get away, he is murdered in the same fashion as his wife.  The author's description of the murders are so chilling that you can all most envision it in your mind's eye.

The commander of Manhattan South, Jack Jennings Sr., and the Chief of New York City's Homicide Division, Liz Phillips, take charge of the cases, since they arehigh profile.  Liz feels that, after the last two murders, they must get someone to go under cover, since the suspected murderer is very affluent and powerful and well connected.  When Liz tells Jack that it should be his daughter, Carla, Jack hits the ceiling.  He argues that Carla is not ready yet, even though she is a top cadet in the academy.  She is not experienced enough for such a big case.  Carla overrules her father and decides that she will go undercover for the Department.  Before she can go under cover she must completely metamorphose herself into someone different.  Carla becomes Charlotte Desmond, who is classically tailored, well educated and a well-bred young woman with a taste for the Tiffany style.  Even though her life depends on it, can Carla pull it off?

 Ms. Sauter sure did her homework when she wrote this book; the details on chemistry and the opera were factual.  The heroine, Carla, fits into her role as a rich socialite like hand in a tailored glove.  The writing is very explicit and electrifying enough, with many twists and turns, to keep you hanging on to every word, right up to the scandalous end.  I was really sorry when this book ended; it was such an illustrious read.

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