By MaryAnn Miller
The Fiction Work   - 2000
ISBN 1581243707 - eBook

Mystery / Police Procedural

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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Detective Sarah Kingsley gets a new partner, Detective Angel Johnson. Sarah and Angel feel that they were paired to ease racial tensions in the Dallas P.D, but they can’t worry about that now as they have several murders to solve. A serial killer is murdering people in Dallas Malls. Sarah also has to contend with the fact that the press is hounding her and the police review board on the shooting of a 14 year-old Black boy who had shot her partner John. Put all this together and you have one heck of a good mystery. The author puts you in the characters mind and you feel the agony that Sarah felt when she saw that young boy laying on the ground, even though she knew it was justified shooting. 

She has the police dialogue down perfectly. The story flowed smoothly and all questions were answered at the end. I would love to see a series of books about Sarah and Angel. 

I must compliment Ms. Miller on her research of the book, I lived in Dallas for 15 years and her descriptions of the malls, landmarks even the tensions between the Dallas P.D. and the review board were right on the money. 

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