By Dennis LeHane

Harper Torch - May 2000
ISBN:  0380730367
Mystery /- PI - Detective

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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 Karen Nichols is a very pretty young lady who has a problem with a stalker, so she turns to Boston P.I. Patrick Kenzie to solve her problem. Kenzie and his sociopathic sidekick and guardian angel, Bubba Ragowski, solve Karen’s problem very quickly and he figures that he has heard the end of Karen Nichols. But six months later he hears that she has jumped naked off the observation deck of Boston’s Custom House and that she was drugged up when she jumped. The fact that this did not fit in with his impression of Karen and that she had called him shortly before her death and he never returned her call made Kenzie feel compelled to look into what went wrong in the last few months of her life. With the help of Bubba and Angie Gennaro, they uncover that Karen was into drugs, prostitution, had some dreadful family secrets, and a madman that knows how to manipulate the minds and lives of his victims until suicide was a welcome relief.  As the plot twists through layers of old deceit and current corruption, the victims multiply while the killer remains elusive, protected by the terror he inspires. 

  Prayers For Rain is well written with dialogue that is gritty and true to life. The scenes are so vivid that the hair on the back of your neck will stand straight on end--a real page-turner from the beginning to the outstanding ending. This book has graphic violence and the darkest of dark humor. The villain in this book is one of the slipperiest and most evil characters you will ever read about. 

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