By Janet Lane Walters
New Concepts Publishing - Jan. 2000
ISBN: 1586080105 – eBook

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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Requiem Murder is the second installment of Katherine Miller; the first one was Murder and Mint Tea. 

Mrs. Miller is asked by Pastor Edward Potter of the St. Stephen's Episcopal Church to act as temporary choir director and head the search committee for a new organist. When she heard Roger Brandon play, she knew that he was the right one for her church. Roger was very good looking; he had good manners and was very charming, especially to the women. One thing was very troubling to Mrs. Miller. At the age of thirty-two, Roger has been at seven different churches, and the last one was for less than a year. Roger not only brought beautiful music with him, but trouble and plenty of it.

The author used a lot of the same characters from Murder and Mint Tea, so it was just like having old friends visit you again, especially like the character of Pete Duggan, a police officer who tries his best to look out for Mrs. Miller, which is not an easy thing to do. Mrs. Miller is just like Jessica Fletcher in "Murder She Wrote." Trouble seems to follow her wherever she goes. I really hated to see this story end, but I take comfort in knowing that we will probably see Mrs. Miller again. 

What a wonderful cozy mystery this is. 

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