By Deborah Woodworth
Avon Twilight - April 2000
ISBN: 0380804255 - Paperback
Mystery / Historical / Cozy

Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com

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The fourth Sister Rose Callahan Mystery takes place during the 1930s in Northern Kentucky. Sister Rose is the Elderess of the North Homage Shaker Village.  She has a keen interest in a group of New Ownites who have come to observe them. Her first introduction is when a member of theirs is found hanged. Sister Rose discovers a possible witness and takes her in. (I found the scenes between Sister Rose and Mairin sweet and poignant.) Rose has many questions about the other group, such as: What do they want? Will they talk the Elder into change? Will they steal members away from their declining village or just take over? Was the hanging suicide or force? Is her group in danger? And most of all who does Mairin belong to and what will happen to her?

A Simple Shaker Murder is truly a good mystery, certainly fascinating with the 1930’s depression era and Shaker theme. With a flurry of Shaker details, Deborah Woodworth’s latest whodunit takes us down an ever-moving trail of twists and turns. Readers will find Sister Rose a formidable Elderess and sleuth capable of solving the crime and finding the answers to her own questions.

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