By Tom Eslick
Write Way – May 2000
ISBN: 1885173180 – Hardcover


Reviewed by: Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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This is a great Amateur sleuth mystery. Cozy readers should be warned that it's a bit on the strong side with language and loves scenes, but the mystery is so impressive that I found myself reading it straight through. I love the cliffhangers and shockers that Tom Eslick leaves at the end of some of the chapters; they are great attention grabbers.


Chad Duquette, a volunteer rescuer and our protagonist, along with his step-brother Damon, a volunteer fire fighter, are called out to what they assume is a hunting accident when Mr. Chambers calls for help after his friend Rodriguez has been shot. Once they reach the shooting victim, a handgun is found instead of a hunting rifle, and suddenly all hell breaks loose with someone ending up as the next victim. Chad Duquette has a sad and haunting past that he deals with throughout the mystery. With a little help from his therapist, Chad finds himself analyzing the recent shooting case as well as his past.


Expect some surprises and impressive twists as you read "Snow Kill." 


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