By Kyle Mills
Harper - Jan. 2000
ISBN: 0061012513 - Paperback
Political Thriller

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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This is the 2nd installment of Mark Beaman; the 1st was “Rising Phoenix “ 

FBI special agent Mark Beaman is not your model book hero; he is overweight, smokes, and drinks too much.   His ways and refusal to play by the rules cause him major trouble with his bosses so he is transferred from Washington D.C. to Flagstaff, Arizona, and given one more chance to change his ways or be fired. 

A millionaire couple Eric and Patricia Davis are murdered in their home and 15 year-old daughter Jennifer is missing. Beaman is on the case, and at first, he thinks that Jennifer is guilty. Beaman set off on a trail that takes him from a remote backwoods survivalists cabin into the Utah mountains through the headquarters of a cult like church called the “Church of Evolution” that seems to be ahead of him where ever a clue leads him.  Just when Beaman thinks he’s close to solving the case, he discovers that the murder and kidnapping is far more menacing and far-reaching than he first thought.  As Beaman falls back on his old unorthodox work methods, he discovers that nothing is what it seems, and finds himself the victim of a mysterious harassment.  Beaman must find the killers and at the same time warn the people before America is brought to it’s knees 

Storming Heaven is filled with a very likable cast of characters, and some that are not so likable but that is what makes for an spine tingling and fast paced read.   Mark Beaman is an extraordinary investigator with an unselfish drive to solve crimes and seek justice, whether by the book or his own way. 

Great Read.

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