By Tricia Allen 

Top Publications - 2000
ISBN: 1929976003 - Trade Paperback

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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David Weather is a Dallas County Assistant District Attorney in 1947. He is assigned the case of Philip Bauman, a Houston shipping line heir, socialite, dilettante man about town who stands accused of a brutal slashing murder that took place in Dallas.  The killing was similar to several murders that started up in Houston during the war.  The Houston killer, dubbed the “Maniac” in the hometown press, was credited with 17 straight razor murders in and around the city.  Most of the dead were prostitutes, while a few were plain old dirt poor, ignorant girls.  David must make his case while he has a reporter, Francy Cotton, on his trail wanting a story even though she knows that Judge Skelton has imposed a gag order.  Francy also wants David to talk about his dad's death that took place in 1932.  Francy feels that it was murder and not an accident.  David must battle several issues at once.  An anonymous messenger threatens his fiancee, Leslie Holcomb, while old and new family secrets endanger his freedom and his life.

The story line was very interesting and well plotted.  The characters fit well into the story line.  Descriptions of the crimes are frank and gruesome at times.  This is a good read

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