ABOVE THE LAW by J. F. Freedman 
Signet/New American Library - March 2001
ISBN: 0451202244 - Paperback

Reviewed by Beverly J. Rowe, MyShelf.com
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Luke Garrison is a high profile district attorney that has returned to private practice for a calmer lifestyle and to spend time with his wife and baby son. When an old friend from law school, District Attorney Nora Ray, asks him to be the special prosecutor and help investigate a case in the least populated and poorest county in California, he reluctantly accepts the challenge. In a drug-bust-gone-bad raid on a safe house, four Drug Enforcement Agency men died, and the prisoner that they were to keep alive at all costs was killed. The agent in charge of the raid had a long-standing grudge against the prisoner, Reynaldo Juarez. Luke's investigation spreads from the bordering Indian reservation to the drug dealer's home turf in Los Angeles.

Freedman's characters are fully developed and compelling. Nora wants to be more than a friend to Luke and his loyalty to his wife, Riva, is put to the test. The old Sheriff, Tom Miller, and the female Indian leader, Louisa Bearpaw, are many-faceted fictional jewels. Luke Garrison is troubled by a conscience that works overtime and fear of failure. The plot is fast paced and complex, with twists and turns you do not expect. It will keep you reading right up to the surprising climax.

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