A CLEAR NORTH LIGHT by Laurel Schunk
St Kitts Press - May 2001
ISBN: 0966187962
Historical Mystery - Lithuania, World War II (1940's)

Reviewed by Nancy Mehl, MyShelf.com
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As the dark shadows of World War II march through Lithuania, Petras Simonaitas, a stained-glass artisan, watches in horror at the atrocities inflicted by the Nazis on his Jewish friends and neighbors. Petras finds that there is no safe harbor against racism and hate as the cruel fingers of Hitler's nightmare reach into the lives of those he loves.

A Nazi sympathizer, Baron Pavel Gerulaitis, forces Petras' sister, Ona, a beautiful blonde, blue-eyed woman who fits the design of Hitler's so-called "master race," to his castle. When she dies, the Baron's lustful eye turns toward Rima, the girl that Petras loves. After a brutal rape, Rima begins to fade away in front of Petras. What can he do to protect her? And how can he stand against the flood of hate that is threatening his beloved Lithuania?

The first in Schunk's Lithuanian trilogy, A CLEAR NORTH LIGHT is a compelling look into a time of human suffering. The reader sees into the hearts of those who fought valiantly against a reign of violence and destruction. Schunk masterfully takes us inside the lives of her characters and allows us to feel their pain and rejoice in their triumph of faith and spirit. A CLEAR NORTH LIGHT will capture readers and hold them until the very end.

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