Aftermath by Peter Robinson
DCI Alan Banks Mystery, No 12
William Morrow & Co - October 2001
ISBN: 0380978326 - Hardcover
British police procedural

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks,

Peter Robinson's 12th suspense novel, Aftermath, has Acting Detective Superintendent Alan Banks handling the outcome of a domestic call and the discovery of a grizzly crime scene. The strong subject of this chilling police procedural mystery is abuse - domestic, child, and sexual.

After two officers follow up a domestic disturbance call, only one survives; the other is accused of using extreme force. The situation uncovers an indescribable, horrific scene that one only hears about on the News. Maggie, a neighbor, never imagined calling 999 to save her friend would uncover such atrocities. With the help of forensics and a profiler, Banks identifies the bodies and tries to discover if both the husband and wife were involved and if there are more participators.

This being a series, Banks's character is constantly evolving, and never more so than in this one. An ex-lover moves back, ready to pick up where they left off, his present girlfriend wants a change, and his daughter shows up with her own news as to why Banks should grant her mother a divorce. He realizes he isn't young anymore and wonders where his life going. It's a time of personal evaluation and possible change.

The plot will ground you to your seat. The content will make you cringe. The outcome will leave you in shock. Peter Robinson has penned another descriptive, disturbing read that will have readers running to the nearest exit for a breath of fresh air when it's all over.

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