THE AMBUSH OF MY NAME by Jeffery Marks
Silver Dagger Mysteries - April 2001
ISBN: 1570721858 - Trade Paperback
Historical Mystery - 1865, Georgetown, Ohio

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde,
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When General Ulysses Grant returns to Georgetown, Ohio where he grew up he expects to be hailed as a hero. But as soon as he sets foot in the place people are calling him a butcher and he finds a dead body in his hotel room. Who it is nobody knows and he has to try to find out whodunit hampered by the fact his disapproving wife has just bumped into his old flame, one of his bitterest enemies from boyhood is running the telegraph office that just happens to be having trouble and both a Pinkerton agent and a local reporter want to help out. Suddenly fighting the Civil War doesn't seem so hard!

Marks knows the town and its history like the back of his hand and it shows.

The book is a mite slow to start despite the early finding of the body but it is an entertaining read, managing to cut through the wealth of folklore that has grown up around Grant to present him how he must have felt confronted with old enemies and social superiors and dogged by the fact that his own father is trying to cash in on his success and the fact that his role in the war has made him enemies, not all of whom were Rebel sympathizers. The denouement is surprising which was gratifying after a slow seeming build up and taken as a whole this is a satisfying read.

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