ANIMOSITY by David Lindsey
Time Warner Audio Books - 2001
ISBN: 158621084X - Audio Cassette
Thriller Suspense

Reviewed by Jo Rogers,
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ANIMOSITY is a beautifully plotted tale of love, hate and murder, wonderfully read by Joe Pantoliano.  There are infrequent uses of profanity that I found grating and unnecessary.  Without these, I would call this hair-raiser just about perfect.

Ross Marteau is an artist, a sculptor.  He makes a good living doing nude sculptures of rich and beautiful women, whose husbands want a lasting memory of the treasures they married.  Marteau has just finished one such piece, but art critics decry the lack of meaningful artistic value in his work, for they feel he wastes his talent. 

Marteau has also broken off his relationship with a potter named Marian, and she did not accept the breakup well.  In her rage, she threw a knfe at him.  After he had it removed from his shoulder, he decided to enjoy Paris a few days before he went home to San Rafel, Texas, where he would begin work on his next commission.

In San Rafel, he is sidetracked by the strikingly beautiful Celeste Lacan, to whom he is instantly drawn.  She wants to commission him to do a nude of her sister, Leda.  He is intrigued with Leda's face, for her features are perfectly symmetrical, a rarity.  But when he meets Leda, he finds she and Celeste haven't told him everything.  When they involve him in a murder, he begins to feel he has made a mistake in becoming involved with them.

Don't begin ANIMOSITY until you have six hours to just listen. Interruptions will irritate you; having to leave the ending till the next day will infuriate you.  And the surprise ending will leave you exhausted, stunned, and totally oblivious of the ten minutes of spare tape quietly winding itself out to the end in your machine.


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