A Sir Robert Carey Mystery No. 4
Poisoned Pen Press - Nov. 2000
ISNB: 1890208434 - Trade Paperback
Historical Mystery - 1592, England

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.com
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P. F. Chisholm a.k.a. Patricia Finney is back with the fourth Sir Robert Carey mystery. It takes place during August in England. The year is 1592. Carey, Deputy Warden of the West Marshes, and his usual band of merry men are heading to London where Carey's obstinate father, Lord Hunsdon, awaits him. Hunsdon, cousin to the queen, doesn't have much pride for his younger son, Carey, but needs his help desperately. Once there, Carey and his men realize things are not right with Lord Hunsdon or the city. Poets are feuding, gold isn't what it should be, Carey's brother is in trouble, and dear sergeant Dodd is tempted beyond that of a mere mortal.

The story line has some great historical aspects and includes some famous poets. That alone makes it worth the read; the mystery is an added bonus. Sir Robert Carey and his allies are as adventurous and risqué as ever. This tale seems a bit lighter than the last in the series and a bit bawdier as well. It's a tale of plagues, poison, poets, and prison that keeps Carey and his band of merry men on their toes in an adventure not to be missed by series fans.

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