A Christine Bennett Mystery
Ballantine Publishing - February 27, 2001
ISBN: 0449007014 - Paperback
Cozy Mystery - Holiday: April Fools' Day

Reviewed by Elaine Broome,
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April Fool! We tricked you! In Lee Harris' THE APRIL FOOLS' DAY MURDER, Christine Bennett's April Fools' Day starts with a gift-wrapped joke from her husband and son and just goes crazy from there! That afternoon, Chris stumbles over the dead body of town grouch Willard Platt. At least she thinks he's dead. It turns out that Platt was merely taking part in an elaborate Drama Club treasure hunt. When she hears a few hours later that Platt really has been murdered, Chris doesn't know what to think. After finding Platt's new widow walking in the dark to her son's house, she is curious enough to get involved.

As she digs into the lives of Willard Platt's family, Chris is shocked at the tragedy and secrets that swirl around them all. Why did Platt and his son, Roger, stop speaking? Why do Roger and his wife live apart? What really happened the night Eric Platt was killed? Why did Willard always walk with a cane when he was perfectly healthy? Chris soon realizes that she has far more questions than answers and begins to doubt that she will ever answer them all.

THE APRIL FOOLS' DAY MURDER, like all of Lee Harris' books, is deceptively simple. She never shows all of her cards at once: you learn a little here, a little there, and pretty soon, you're hooked on the story. Her books are filled with reality - realistic plots, real people with real emotions. I always enjoy spending some time with these characters. I love Chris and her husband, Jack's common sense and decency, and Sister Joseph's insight and wisdom. This book is a terrific addition to a really delightful series.

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