A TRAITOR TO MEMORY by Elizabeth George
Bantam Books - June 2001
ISBN 0 553 80127 9 - Hard Cover / Audio / Large Print
British Mystery, Police - for mature theme

Reviewed by Elaine Broome, MyShelf.com
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Two devastating car accidents . . . a brilliant violinist unable to play a single note . . . haunting memories from the past. From these seemingly unrelated threads, Elizabeth George has woven an enthralling story in A TRAITOR TO MEMORY.

When Scotland Yard's Thomas Lynley and his staff begin investigating the hit and run death of Eugenie Davis, they wonder who from her hazy past could have wanted her dead so badly. They have no idea just how many secrets that Eugenie and everyone connected to her has. From her husband, who she abandoned, to her talented son Gideon, to Lynley's own superior, Malcolm Webberly, everyone has something to hide. As he unravels the mystery of Eugenie's death, Lynley struggles with his own life, both the past and future. And, Gideon is not only unable to play the violin: he is also unable to remember much of his childhood.

In this beautiful book, Elizabeth George makes us think about families and how they shape us, about just what we would do for and to our children, and how our past can haunt us. When does love become obsession? How far should loyalty go? Can we ever close the door to the past? As in real life, there are no easy answers, no simple solutions.

A TRAITOR TO MEMORY is an absolutely wonderful book - it's complex and rich and emotionally satisfying. The story is mesmerizing, as is its style which is reminiscent of the author's PLAYING FOR THE ASHES. Chapters alternate between live action and Gideon's reluctantly kept journal. As in any Elizabeth George book, her characters sparkle: they are intense, passionate and very real. At the end of 700 pages, I found myself wishing for just a little more of A TRAITOR TO MEMORY!

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