BAGELS FOR TEA by Serita Stevens and Rayanne Moore
Hard Shell Word Factory - April 2001
ISBN: 1582005060 - eBook
Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Tom Walcher,
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Fanny Zindel is asked to go to York, England to represent B'nai Brith at a ceremony at the Clifford's Tower Memorial. She is excited to do this since she will get a chance to visit her granddaughter Susan who attends a boarding school near York and her cousin Doris who lives in the area also. Once Fanny gets to her hotel, she comes to the aid of a woman, Janet Percy, who is arguing with a man who turns out to be Janet's ex-husband. Fanny and Janet decide to share a room. During the visit, Susan is expelled from school after being accused of injuring a horse being ridden by a girl who has been causing Susan problems. Later, the girl is found dead and Susan is suspected of the crime.

I felt that there were some problems with this book. One was that I felt that I had missed something by not reading the first book of the series. The other was that it seems that no research was done in how the English police system worked. I felt that the police were more like a small town police department from the States. Since I read a lot of English mysteries, this bothered me. I plan on trying to find the first book since this series does have potential but I feel that the authors need to do more research if they plan to set their next book somewhere other than the United States.

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