BEFORE I SAY GOODBYE by Mary Higgins Clark
Simon & Schuster - 2000
ISBN: 0684835983 - Hardcover / Also in Audio, Large Print
Mystery / Suspense

Reviewed by Nancy Mehl,
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Nell MacDermott is considering a run for the Senate. Her grandfather, Cornelius MacDermott, retired Senator from New York, is urging her to enter the race. The seat he vacated two years ago is up for grabs. Nell wants the Senate - but she isn't sure what this career change will do to her marriage. Her husband, Adam Cauliff, wants nothing to do with the political aspirations Cornelius has for his granddaughter. After an argument, Adam sets off for a business meeting aboard his boat, the Corneilia II. A short time later, a blast kills everyone on board, and Nell's last words to her husband, telling him not to bother to come home, return to haunt her. Equally haunting is a request to meet with her from a psychic who says that Adam has contacted her - with a message for Nell. Should she see the woman? Could Adam really be trying to contact her from beyond?

As the explosion is investigated, layers of deceit begin to be lifted from the life of her late husband. Was he involved in something criminal? Nell begins to wonder if she really knew Adam Cauliff. As she seeks for answers, she uncovers things she never expected to find.

Ms. Clark has presented us with an interesting novel, full of twists and turns. BEFORE I SAY GOODBYE held my interest, but it fell a little short of some of her previous works. A little more character development would have made the overall story richer - but true to her abilities - the plot was fast paced and enthralling. Mary Higgins Clark fans will find this one an adequate offering in a long line of captivating mystery novels.

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