Bird's Eye View by J.F. Freedman
Time Warner Audio Books - August 2001
ISBN: 1586210971 - Audio Cassette (Abridged)
Narrator: Gregory Harrison
Suspense Language, sex, violence

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks,
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J.F. Freedman has penned a novel with enough politically intrigue, conspiracy, characters in jeopardy, and shocking surprises between the covers to keep the most impossible to please suspense reader happy.

Fritz Tullis was fired. He had an affair with the wrong woman. Her husband was a major benefactor of the Texas University. Tucking his tail between his legs, the professor headed home to his mother's significantly sized Maryland property where he took up residence in a make shift cabin at the edge of the marshes, filling his time as a bird watcher. It's because of the bird watching that Fritz finds himself keeping two secrets -- the first a rare bird, the second a murder. Fritz isn't in any hurry to reveal either. After all he just got out of one dangerous mess, why would he willing jump into another even more dangerous? Those nature activists can just about drive a person to murder!

As the story moves everyone associated with Fritz ends up in the middle of the danger he tried so hard to avoid. Including a lovely ornithologist who has promised to keep his bird discovery a secret. Even though he has the help of a local detective, protecting his family and solving the case becomes impossible when he realizes not everyone is who they say they are and he doesn't know whom to trust anymore.

Bird's Eye View carries a lot of suspense, sensation, and conflict. The author has no problem in showing this in the tone of the characters as their emotions spill out on to the pages or in this case reverberates through the speakers. The author offers plenty of surprising twists, and melodramatic moments to keep the pages turning.

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