Pemberley Press – Jan 2001
ISBN: 0970272707 – Hardcover
Historical Mystery (Review 1)

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks,
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In picking up a copy of The Birth of Blue Satan, one can sense the strength of the story by the size, the attractive cover, and the book jacket information. In opening the book, one will find a solid, impressive beginning to a history mystery that could very well be the lead of a classic series. Am I exaggerating? Not at all. Patricia Wynn is coming into the historical mystery genre as a well-established author, and it shows in the strong plot, fully developed characters, and historical details.

It’s 1715 in England, when politics and parties are a matter of life or death for rich and poor alike, as Gideon Viscount St. Mars discovers through his father, Earl of Hawkhurst. As the story begins, Gideon is obsessed with one thought, the woman haunting his dreams. Upon getting to the ball, to see Mademoiselle Isabella Mayfield, Gideon finds himself dealing with an angry father, a deadly rider, and dangerous politics. As the story moves, these subjects possess Gideon’s life and conscious sending him into hiding and reappearing as the Blue Satan in order to save his own life and find a murderer. The ending shows us the series will be a continuing adventure of politics, romance, and mystery. Other impressive characters are Mrs. Kean, Isabella’s cousin, and Gideon’s employees, Tom and Philippe. 

When I come across a successful new series or stand-alone in this sub-genre, I rub my hands together in delight because I am always thrilled to see a new history mystery come off the shelf as strong as this one.

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