BLOOD LURE by Nevada Barr
An Anna Pigeon mystery
G.P. Putnam Sons - 
ISBN: 0-99147020 - 
Police / Detective 

Reviewed by Sue Johnson,
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Nevada Barr's reoccurring character, National Park Ranger Anna Pigeon is back on duty and quite naturally embroiled in a mystery. This book finds Anna working in the Waterton/Glacier National Peace Park on the Montana/Canadian border. She has gone there to participate in a DNA research project on Grizzly bears. 

Anna is teamed up with a trained researcher, Joan Rand and a young summer volunteer, Rory Van Slyke.  Almost immediately reports of grizzlies doing unusual things are coming in.  The second night out the researchers become the hunted, Rory is missing and another camper is dead.

Anna uses her law enforcement skills to help question fellow campers, gather evidence and try to solve this rather unusual murder. Along the way the reader is treated to a wonderful hiking tour of the rugged Montana/Canadian Glacier area. The wildlife and the fauna are aptly described. Also disclosed are amazing tidbits of information about the Grizzly bear and their habits.

The mystery was compelling and in no way easy to solve until the last 10 pages were turned. Nevada Barr writes wonderful books that are always well researched.

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