The Case of The Denim Cut Shiny Stainless Steel Mirrored Suit or The Return of The Rat Faced Monkey Boy
The Case of The Bride of Mallery or As Well
The Case of Down Alive
Scenario Productions - 1998
1 Audio / three stories
Private Investigator Mystery

Reviewed by Carisa Weeaks,
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In listening to the Brick Mallery series, listeners can expect a present day tongue-in-cheek mystery styled after the old detective radio shows from the 30’s and 40’s. The only difference is some colorful language and peculiar comedy. It’s a one-of-kind mystery series.

Brick Mallery is a private investigator that majored in PI lines at PI school. He has a stereotypical PI secretary, some interesting associates, and hangouts any PI would be envious of…well…kind of…

In episode one, Brick hears ex-partner Vic Steed is coming back, and it just happens two gentlemen visit Brick looking for a man who has been gone as long as Vic has. Coincidence? I think not…. When Brick and Vic meet up, the mystery of Vic’s disappearance is resolved, but it puts them both in danger. It’s a tale of perilous meetings, shootouts, high body counts, and wacky wit. 

In episode two, Brick is back with the people and places he can’t get through the day without -- his secretary, the coffee shop, and the Spider Goulash Bar. Brick as been voted best PI in his price range by his PI peers in the FPI (Federation of Private Investigators). Before the crowd gets there, the secretary finds a note addressed to Brick. It’s from his ex-secretary, ex-wife, and total pain in his side, Susan English. During the celebration, his ex-wife shows up angry because he didn’t return her note – poor guy. She works in real estate and has a stalker following her to house showings. She wants protection and wants it to be Brick. It’s a mystery on the run with plenty of showdowns, a shoot out… sort of…and an old enemy set on getting revenge for Brick putting him in prison. Brick shows us he can handle the ex, solve a mystery, and move out of the way – he majored at it in PI school – moving out of the way that is….

In episode three, Brick gets an interesting visit from an odd man who wants his protection for the NEXT 24 hours from his now deceased father-in-law, who has supposedly created a spell to bring him back to life to drive the one person in the world he hates the most insane…his son-in-law. Brick takes the job and agrees to meet the man at his office at 7:30 the next morning. When 7:30 the next morning arrives and Brick wakes up, he not only finds himself still in his office with the sing-along jazz station still playing on the radio, but a victim of his secretary’s wicked sense of humor. He takes his new client to breakfast and meets up with his former partner, Vic Steed. As Vic “protects” his client, Brick decides to go and find the root of his client’s worries…his wife. Brick soon gets himself into a “bind” and finally finds out the REAL reason his client and his wife wanted Brick to take the “case”.

Fair warning: This series is addictive! Pick up the first episode of Brick Mallery and look forward to hunting down the second and third. Also expect to spend more than the approximate running time when listening to these mysteries. Between the cast of characters, the sounds, the humor, and the mystery your listening skills will be tested and so will those around you when you hit the play button for the 100th time.

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