BURIED IN BALTIMORE by Louise Titchener
Hard Shell Word Factory - April 2001
ISBN: 0759900396 - Ebook
ISBN: 0759900426 - Paperback
Private Investigator 

Reviewed by Sue Johnson, MyShelf.com

This is one of those books that sucks you into the action from page one.  Antoinette Credella comes from a good Italian family. Unfortunately she is not on good standings with them because she killed her abusive husband who also just happened to be a Baltimore policeman,

Determined to make it on her own against all odds, including severe dyslexia, Toni decides she wants to be a private investigator. She asks a trusted friend who tells her she must do an apprenticeship and finds her a private eye willing to take her on.

When one of Toni's friends, a homeless person named Alice is found murdered Toni is curious. Especially after it comes to light that she was found on the site that a young girl's skeleton had been recovered. It appears the skeleton has been there for 20 years.  Is there a connection between the two? When Toni seems to be making progress, it appears that someone will go to any length to stop her. 

I had a feeling for the city of Baltimore from the very start, from the row house that Toni was trying to restore and renovate to the large businesses downtown to the water slapping against the docks on the harbor shores. In Toni Credella I found a character for whom I could really feel. She is faced with so many obstacles but still cares about the people around her. Louise Titchener has written a truly suspenseful book.

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