CAMP CONVICTION by Natalie Buske Thomas
Independent Spirit Publishing - 2000
ISBN: 096669192x - 
Private Investigator 

Reviewed by Sue Johnson,
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Serena Wilcox is a late twenty something, junk food loving, pizza craving private detective. She runs the Wilcox detective agency in Minnesota with the aid of her sidekick, Karyn. Karyn is a well to do, soon to be married friend. A customer comes by suggesting that Serena and Karyn should investigate a summer camp that he had just attended. He felt that something was definitely not right there. Since this was a family campground Serena sends in Karyn, along with her fiancée Dan and his nephew Nolan to check out the place. Meanwhile back at the office Serena is contacted by another customer, Jill. She has a piece of property to sell and strange groups have decided to picket her property. Also it appears that someone she talks to in an Internet chat room may be stalking her.

How in the world the two cases could become so closely related is a mystery to Serena and Karyn but they soon very obviously are. This was a fun book with lots of tension and puzzling situations added to keep it interesting.

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