(Cart of Death)
Poisened Pen Press - 2001
ISBN: l890208574 -  Hardcover
Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Sue Bartroff,
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This is a fascinating book filled with the atmospheric mystery of Taos in Northern New Mexico.  It is an amalgam of the religious, cultural, family and community dynamics involving the change from a small inwardly turned community to a thriving tourist based economy.  The mystery set against this evolutionary process is well thought out, intriguing and wonderfully intricate.  Christina Garcia Y Grant is a widowed, retired attorney now running a bed and breakfast. Mac is a retired surgeon living permanently at the bed and breakfast. Together they sort out the theft of ancient treasures being stolen from chapels and churches along the Santa Fe Trail and the subsequent murders. The sense of family, the richness of customs dating back to the time of the Conquistadors and the sheer beauty of the area come through with every word written.  I definitely recommend this book and look forward with great anticipation to the next in the series.

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