Cemetery Silk by E. Joan Sims
Wildside Press - August 2001
ISBN: 1587155532 - Hardcover

Reviewed by Robyn Glazer, MyShelf.com
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It is under sad circumstances that Paisley Sterling and her daughter, Cassie, return home to Kentucky from New York City. Family of Paisley's has passed away and it is a hard blow for Paisley's mother, Anna, to take. Abigail Roth was Anna's first cousin and closest friend so when she passed away six months earlier, it was a horrible, unexpected shock. Then when Abigail's husband, William, passed away it, left Anna without any close relatives. Paisley could tell that Anna needed some cheering up so home she went. When Paisley and Cassie arrive in Kentucky, they find out that William has left three million dollars to his next-door neighbor, Ernest Dibbler. Anna becomes certain that Dibbler somehow tricked William into leaving him the money, as they were never close friends. Anna persuades Paisley and Cassie to investigate with her to learn the truth. Paisley, a children's author, decides to write a mystery book and begins to chronicle all that they do. Unfortunately, it seems someone is not happy with the Sterling women sticking their noses where they shouldn't be. As they get closer to what appears to be the truth, they must be careful of their lives!

Cemetery Silk is a wonderful read. This book never follows formula and ventures out into it's own territory with satisfying results. The best thing about this book is the relationships between the three women. They all speak their minds as they see fit and argue constantly. These are some of the most real relationships that I have come across in a book. The fighting might be consistent but so is the love. I also liked the idea of a sleuth who is a mystery writer. That should bring up some interesting avenues in future books. This was a fun and engrossing book.

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