A Karen Pelletier Mystery

By Joanne Dobson 
Doubleday - Jan. 2001
ISBN: 0385493401 – Hardcover

Mystery / Amateur Sleuth


Reviewed by: Barbara Buhrer, MyShelf.Com
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Asked by the New York Times to name the greatest book of the 20th century Karen Pelletier, English professor at Enfield College in jest selects "Oblivion Falls", a blockbuster erotic, very controversial novel which was the story about hypocrisies of life in a smug New England t own. Its author, Mildred Deakin, disappeared shortly after its publication in the 1950's.


As a result "Oblivion Falls" made the Oprah Book Club, the New York Times Best Seller list,'s list and the paperback racks. A reporter who discovered the "disappeared" author a recluse living in rural New York raising goats, is found murdered in her driveway. She is held for his murder. In her investigations to prove Deakin' s innocence, Karen learns that the novel was autobiographical; discovers the reason for the author's sudden disappearance and her connection to members of Enfield's faculty.


A book within a book, chapter of the present interspersed with extracts from "Oblivion Falls” this holds your interest and arouses your curiosity. The reader is given a background on the publishing world after World War II .We also have a glimpse into the world of academia with its eccentrics and its politics.


This reader's interest was captured from the first chapter and was held to the end.  The story was stimulating and believable.  The characters were well drawn; the action swift. There are references to events and recurring characters from previous books, but this does not detract from the enjoyment of this book.

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