A Trudy Roundtree Mystery, No.2
Write Way –  2000
ISBN: 188517375 - Hardcover
Cozy Police Procedural

Reviewed by Carisa Weeaks,
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Death and the Hubcap is the second book in Berry’s mystery series featuring Trudy Roundtree.

Trudy, being the only woman on the Ogeechee police force, has a lot to deal with when it comes to her cousin Hen (Henry). Hen and Trudy have a strange relationship. Hen hired Trudy only after both of their moms nagged him about it. He gets his own paybacks by sending Trudy on the simplest, dumb calls. When he gets a call that Tanner, the town drunk, has run over someone, he send Trudy to investigate. Now usually these kinds of things would be taken seriously, but there’s one thing missing from this particular murder – a car. Tanner’s car includes a worn hubcap and his own two feet, not to mention the car noises he makes. Trudy discovers that there is a dead body with a tire track on it and begins to investigate.

This is a great mystery. The characters are funny and very well written. The plot is very unique and interesting. I found the conversations between Trudy and Tanner to be very comical. She and Hen also have some very witty tête-à-têtes. It’s a definite must read for mystery lovers, especially women.

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