DEATHBLOW by Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton 
Fiction Works  -- May, 2001
ISBN: 1581247079  -- Ebook download 
ISBN: 1581247303  -- Paperback

Reviewed by Jo Rogers,

 The sisters writing team of Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton have more than twenty novels to their credit.  DEATHBLOW, to be released in early May, is another feather in their cap.  Though this is the first time I've read their work, it won't be the last.

DEATHBLOW is a riveting suspense story of murder, betrayal, and being stalked.  Lara Radburn is trying to find out if her brother's death is connected in any way to the murder of his fellow artist, Crystal
Mar. And what, if anything, did ex-con Dane Lanford have to do with their deaths. 

Lara's hometown of Quachita Springs, Arkansas, is seeming less and less friendly, as the authorities close their minds to Lara's questions.  They simply want her to take Crystal's four year old daughter and go back to her job in New York.  But Lara feels the child knows who the killer is. Lara also knows something was terribly wrong with her father's business sense at the end of his life.

DEATHBLOW is cunningly crafted, and the reader shares Lara's terror as she faces threats to her life, and that of Crystal's daughter, Karma.  We also feel the child's fear of the monster that killed her mother, and her fear of remembering what she saw that night.  The reader also feels Lara's pain of loss, her uncertainty of who to trust until she finds the answers she seeks.  This is a book that you won't want to put down, nor will you forget the chilling fear of being hunted.

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