A Hamish Macbeth Mystery
Mysterious Press - 2001
ISBN: 0892966319 - Hardback
Cozy British Mystery

Reviewed by Mary Lynn,
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In Death of a Dustman, Hamish Macbeth, once again promoted to the rank of sergeant, soon finds himself in the midst of murder, when the local trash collector, Fergus Macleod is found dead in one of his own trash receptacles.

To Hamish's dismay, the dustman had managed to alienate nearly everyone in the village and no one seems eager to help Hamish ferret out the murder. In fact, letters Hamish has in his possession convince him the villagers he's trying to protect are hiding something from him. When another man is murdered, Hamish wonders if his own inaction might somehow be responsible. To make matters worst, Hamish's new constable is more interested in cooking than he is in police work.  What's a poor Highland Police Officer to do?

Death of a Dustman was the 17th Hamish Macbeth mystery I'd read, so I was delighted to find the same wonderful combination of suspense, comedy, and loyalty that are the hallmarks of every Hamish Macbeth mystery. I was as enchanted with Death of a Dustman as I was with my first Macbeth mystery, Death of Macho Man.  This series continues to captivate me and I eagerly look forward to the next Macbeth mystery.

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