A Gilded Age Mystery
Hardshell –  2001
ISBN: 075990362X - E-book
Historical / Suspense

Reviewed by Erina Hsu,
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In the quaint town of Newport, Rhode Island, young housemaids are being killed off in increasing numbers along the coastal path of Cliff Walk. When Rosalind Sinclair, a member of the high society crowd vacationing in Newport is murdered, the Cliff Walk Killer gains new levels of infamy and the attention of Detective Matthew Devlin. 

As Matthew investigates the murders and finds himself up against a shrewd and formidable foe, old memories resurface when Brooke Cassidy becomes involved. A daughter of a police detective, Brooke knew Matthew for years before moving to live with her wealthy aunt and uncle. Now she is determined to help Matthew find the Cliff Walk Killer, though only too late does she realize it may be at the expense of her own life.  Matters are complicated even further when the investigation turns up clues that implicate a few unexpected suspects as the killer including Brooke’s uncle.

Kruger has written an excellent story, full of mystery and just the right amount of shiver inducing suspense. DEATH ON THE CLIFF WALK will draw you in with a tale of intrigue and provoke your anticipation for the revelation of the Cliff Walk Killer in an ultimately satisfying read. The Gilded Age is aptly depicted in the novel, with an insightful reflection of class conflict in late nineteenth century America and a solid portrayal of an often overlooked, yet fascinating historical era. A deeper insight into the relationship between Matthew and Brooke as well as stronger characterization of the main protagonists would have enhanced the story, though this well developed and thoroughly exceptional mystery is a pleasure to read.

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