Death Rides a Pink Horse by Nina Coombs Pykare
Five Star Books - 2001
ISBN: 0786231084 - Hardcover
Romantic Historical Mystery
Adult / Young Adult

Reviewed by Robyn Glazer,
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Kate Ketterling is devoted to her job as an actress with the troupe at
Covent Garden. When she hears they may be performing hippodramas, she is interested in going to see one to get a feel for it. There is one playing at Astley's Ampitheatre and although her companion, Archibald
Islington, is reluctant to take her at first, she manages to talk him into it. The horse dramas are definitely unique and Kate becomes enticed with talking to the male star, Phillipe Ducant. Unfortunately while Kate and Archie are waiting around, a stable boy runs up with horrible news. An actress with the Hippodramas has just been found dead, seeming crushed by a horse. Kate, having been involved in a murder before, recognizes the obvious signs of strangulation. Kate has been acquainted with Constable Kennedy before and has no assurance that he will be able to put forth justice. Teamed up with the hesitant Archie, Kate decides to do it herself.

Death Rides a Pink Horse is a wonderful romantic mystery and unlike anything I have ever read before. Although I was not familiar with the time period, Pykare immediately made me comfortable with the setting.
She explains the time period without becoming tedious and introduces characters that make the whole book authentic. While Kate is a great character, I fell in love with Archie. The picture of a pure gentleman, I was rooting for Kate to just let Archie in on her feelings for him. This book encompasses the best of both the mystery and romance world.

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