A Tracy Eaton Mystery, No. 2
Rainbow Books, Inc. –  2000
ISBN: 1568250770 – Hardcover
Cozy Mystery

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks,
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Dem Bones’ Revenge is the second mystery in the Tracy Eaton Mystery Series. If you haven’t read her first mystery Revenge of the Gypsy Queen, I highly recommend it. Both books are memorable reads.

In starting Dem Bones’ I found Ms. Neri gets to the mystery pretty quick, and what I have come to love about her mysteries is how she does it.  The interaction and dialog of her characters are so entertaining that the story just flows by. Some of the characters are more likeable than others, but they are all too funny to be aggravating. At the beginning of some of the chapters are movie scenes from Martha Collins movies. They poetically fit each chapter and Ms. Neri shows her funny side here as well.

Tracy Eaton is a mystery writer. She writes the Tessa Graham Mystery series. The Senior Editor of Perkins & Pimm Publishers wants Tracy to make some fast changes in her latest manuscript or the series will be cancelled. Rewrites aren’t the problem, what is, is fitting it into the chaos that is taking place her life. Back with Tracy is her husband Drew, who this time helps her to solve the mystery -- of course he doesn’t really have a choice since Tracy’s mother, Hollywood celebrity Martha Collins, was found with the body of Vince Sperry, who is…was attached to Drew’s trial case, and there’s the family member that followed them from New York and now needs more closet space, which is why the carpenter is knocking holes in Tracy’s closets and making a mess of her home. Let’s not forget Tracy’s father, legendary Alec Grainger, who can only be found when he wants to. If that isn’t enough for Tracy to deal with her mother-in-law keeps calling…and calling …and calling. An added character that works the murder is Detective Schuller, a Miami Vice wannabe. He is a great addition to this already delightfully clever ensemble.

Kris Neri entertains her new fans with another outstanding, well-plotted mystery! The storyline led me to and fro. I felt as busy as Tracy, and I was sitting down! Her humor is wonderful; I found myself laughing out loud a lot! The storyline is always moving, never a dull moment, and it’s over before you know it. I came away a satisfied reader; no disappointments, wishing, or wondering…well except when the next Tracy Eaton mystery would be out.

Kris Neri’s wit is never ending, nor is her talent for good mysteries.

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