Avon - 2001
ISBN 0380816059 - Paperback
Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore,
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An early morning jog along the beach brings ghostwriter Anne Hardaway back into the middle of a mystery when she finds the body of a teenage girl.  The mystery deepens when the niece of her friend disappears, and it is revealed that both girls are part of a witches' coven. These teens are practicing truly dark magic, believing that they are consorting with the devil himself.  Anne searches for the killer and the missing girl, even going as far as to delve into witchcraft on her own.

Meanwhile, her current writing client has unexpectedly moved in with her, but shows no sign of wanting to work on their project. What secret is she hiding? Will Ann find the killer before a modern witch hunt can begin?

Though I found some of the things that the heroine chose to embrace disturbing, readers who do not have the same personal hang ups as the reviewer will not encounter this problem in this well written story. It is clearly written and easy to follow, with a very interesting subplot.

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