THE DIVIDED CHILD by Ekaterine Nikas
Avid Press - 2001
ISBN: 192961375X -
Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Robyn Glazer,
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After an unpleasant experience with her father all Christine Stewart wants to do is to go to Greece and lick her wounds. On a sightseeing trip Christine runs into a ten-year-old boy named Michael, of whom she automatically feels protective. When what could have been a fatal accident is averted, Christine is inadvertently thrown into a whirlwind of terror. Michael, who turns out to be a millionaire with no biological parents, is in trouble because someone wants his money and that person isn't going to allow one little boy to get in the way. As more accidents happen, Christine knows she can't leave Michael in the clutches of this monster. In the midst of all the chaos, Christine meets a man who could make her forget all of her troubles, if he doesn't turn out to be a murderer.

The Divided child is Ekaterine Nikas's first book and it is Absolutely wonderful. Christine Stewart comes across as a living, breathing human, not just a character in a book. Her actions and reactions while not predictable always make sense. She is smart and funny. The plot moves along smoothly and was easy to follow. I have a very strong feeling this is only the beginning of a very long and successful career for Ekaterine Nikas!

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