DONĒT CLOSE YOUR EYES by Carlene Thompson 
St. Martinís Press - 2000
ISBN:  0739413279 - Hardcopy

Reviewed by Pam Stone,
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Veterinarian Natalie St. John returns to her childhood home of Port Ariel, Ohio, a town nestled on the shores of Lake Erie, in hopes of finding solace for her broken heart. She is instead thrown into a situation that threatens her life and the lives of her loved ones.

Natalie and her friend Lily find the body of Tamara (Lilyís twin sister). Was it an act of random violence or something more personal? The answer soon becomes clear as the corpses keep piling up, and Natalie feels as if she is being watched.

Police Chief Nick Meredith swears he will keep Natalie safe, and pretty soon it becomes clear that the urgency he feels is because he is falling for Natalie.

DONíT CLOSE YOUR EYES is one of those books that keeps your heart racing and your body tensed up until the very spine tingling, awesome ending.  There are many characters in the book that are well defined and believable. Believe me, youíll never guess who the slasher is until the very last minute, and thatís what makes DONíT CLOSE YOUR EYES such a nail biting mystery. This was my first Carlene Thompson mystery, and it definitely wonít be my last.

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