DOUBLE TROUBLE by Betty Sullivan La Pierre 
E-pub2000   2000
ISBN: 0970662211/ - E-book
Private Investigator 

Reviewed by Jen Oliver,

"Double Trouble" is the second of the Hawkman (a former agency worker turned private investigator) series. This one deals with a case where Hawkman is asked by an older sister to investigate her sister's murder. The sister that contacted Hawkman for him to investigate brought allegations towards her ex-brother-in-law by stating that she thought that he would be after her next because there was a huge sum of money that was stolen and believed to be held by her sister. Everyone thinks that the sister's ex-husband was the one that murder her. Even Hawkman, at first, thought that it was the ex-husband but then quickly went looking for other suspects when he found out that the ex-husband had airtight alibis. This story consists of many plot twists and you never really know who did it until about the last 4 chapters of the book. 

This story takes place mostly in Los Angeles. It also deals with bank robberies and trying to conceal the money. The FBI gets involved because of the huge sum of money that was stolen and hidden by the murdered sister. Hawkman, who never worked for the FBI, does the bare minimum and cooperates with them when the money from the bank robbery is found. 

If you enjoy private investigator type of mysteries, you will enjoy this e-book

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