DR. DEATH by Jonathan Kellerman
Random House - 2000
ISBN: 0679459618 - Paperback
Police Procedural explicit content

Reviewed by Nancy Mehl, MyShelf.com
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Dr. Eldon Mate, nicknamed Dr. Death because of his crusade to gently ease those who are physically suffering to a better place, has been eased himself - none too gently. His mutilated body is discovered inside his own van - hooked up to the machine he used to send those he called "happy travelers" to their next destinations. However, Mate's trip was obviously not happy.

Detective Milo Sturgis is assigned to unravel the bizarre case. He enlists the help of Dr. Alex Delaware - psychological consultant to the Los Angeles Police Department - and Milo's friend. Alex views the scene of the doctor's last departure and offers his expertise, but he is hiding a secret connection to the case - something he isn't sure he can reveal - information that could possibly lead to the killer. One of Dr. Mate's "travelers" was the mother of a client he hasn't seen in quite some time. Could there be a connection? How much can he share with Milo, and how much should he keep to himself?

Milo and Alex follow a trail of despair and death to uncover the truth about the murder of the infamous doctor. But the trail is twisted and dark, full of suspects and motives. Who murdered Dr. Death? Are they finished killing? Does Alex hold the key to a killer?

Jonathan Kellerman, himself a child psychologist, weaves a tale of deadly intrigue seasoned with his knowledge of the human psyche. DR. DEATH is a satisfying tale with an unexpected twist. Sure to gratify Dr. Delaware fans!

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