Clinton Creech Adventures Series
Powerhouse Press - March 2001
ISBN: 0967846900 - Paperback
Contemporary Suspense
Multicultural - African American

Reviewed by Suzie Housley, MyShelf.com
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Toni Lee's DUPLICITY is like a mini James Bond action packed adventure. The only difference is the hero is a strong sexy African-American who knows how to solve a mystery and have villains begging for mercy.

FBI agent Clinton Creech felt his world was over the night his wife and son tragically die in an automobile accident. To help overcome grief and misery he leaves the source of his painful agony and sets out to become a world traveler. When his mother frantically contacts him and reveals her alarming psychic prediction concerning her eldest son Will, he knows it is up to him to calm her fears by seeking out Wills location. He is unaware this adventure will lead him to cold-blooded killer Saa'iqa Mastoora.

Saa'iqa Mastoora is like a spider leading her prey to her deadly web. Will Creech, an expert thief, unwittingly falls for her cleverly laid trap. She is unaware the murder of Will Creech will bring another Creech member, Clinton. Clinton is much more cunning than his brother. Will he be able to piece together the clues of his brother's disappearance before the deadly spider captures him?

Toni Lee does an outstanding job in her creation of DUPLICITY. The suspense runs high and the descriptive scenes will have readers visiting Washington D.C, Kenya, and Morocco. Mystery readers can appreciate this edge of the seat read which will have you guessing right up until the dramatic end.

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